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Disney World: Tips to meet the Disney Princesses!

Disney World

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We love Disney World. Well, the kids and I love Disney World. T tells me he needs a vacation whenever we get home from our “vacation” at Disney! He prefers the beach. Perhaps my daughter, A, who is 4.5 years old loves Disney the most though. And her love is all for the Disney Princesses.  So when I plan our Disney itinerary I included these top ways to meet the Disney Princesses at Disney World!

Planning Tip

Have you planned a Disney trip lately? I’ll do another post about it, but planning for Disney is completely necessary. You should take advantage of FastPasses in order to make it to all the attractions you want to see. This is especially important if you have kids of different ages and interests so you want to see and ride a wide range of attractions. I’ll mark which attractions we FastPass and when we usually book them.

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Top 10 Things To Do With Kids on Cape Cod This Summer!

Top 10 things to do with kids on cape cod

My family has been visiting Cape Cod every summer for my whole life.  Now my parents live full time on the Cape and I bring my kids for at least two weeks a summer. There is no shortage of things to do with kids on the Cape in the summer! Below is my list of the top activities and places to visit while on vacation.

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Book Review: Trickery by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Book Review: Trickery by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

book review

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I love to read. Growing up, I was that girl who walked through the school hallways with a book in front of her face.  Thankfully, I developed a sixth sense for obstacles that was handy since I often went so deep into a story I wasn’t aware of my surroundings.

With two kids, reading time is precious. I read before going to bed regardless of how late it is, I read in the doctor’s office, my lunch breaks, and while making dinner. The advent of electronic reading has been my salvation as I can keep my books on all my devices to sneak in some reading wherever I am.

I will also read anything. I go through romances, mysteries, political thrillers, biographies, travel guides, cookbooks, classics, and young adult novels the way some people go through chocolate. (Yum chocolate!) Some weeks I spend more on books than I do on groceries.

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7 Things You Need In Your Summer Pool Bag!

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Let’s kick off this blog with a topic near and dear to me-going to the pool with my kids! We are lucky members of a pool that boasts a large grass area to play in with a playground, sandbox, beach volleyball, and, of course, a large pool. On the weekends, we have been known to spend twelve hours a day there. I am much too lazy to drive home to get anything I might need so  I learned early on what was necessary to pack in advance for our marathon days in the sun!

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