Books about Strong Princesses

Last week I shared my son, W’s, third-grade reading list.  Not to be left out, Little A asked me to help her chose books to read this fall.  Because Little A loves everything involving sparkles and princesses, but I want her to know that a true princess is smart, strong, brave, and kind, we chose books about strong princesses who are independent, smart, and kind to read this fall!

8 Books About Strong Princesses

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1. Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated) by Florence Parry Heide

Books about Strong Princesses

Princess Hyacinth is special because she floats! Her parents try to keep her grounded but one day, Hyacinth breaks free and is able to fly away. Her subsequent adventures teach little readers about accepting people for who they are.  The message is gentle and the illustrations are beautiful. This will surely become a classic in your home.

2. The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane Auch

Books about strong princesses

This is our new favorite children’s book about princesses in our home. We have read it every night for the past week! The princess’s name is Paulina and she is without a kingdom ever since her father, the king, abdicated the throne to become a woodcarver. Paulina answers a summons from a nearby queen who is looking for a princess to marry her son. She completes various challenges to become the chosen princess but decides that being an independent princess is better than being married so she opens her own pizza shop and lives happily ever after.

3. The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch for Kids) by Robert Munsch

Books about strong princesses

The Paperbag Princess is my favorite book about strong princesses! Princess Elizabeth enjoys living in a castle and wearing beautiful dresses until a dragon destroys the castle and kidnaps her fiance, Prince Ronald.  Elizabeth dons the only thing she can find to wear, a paper bag, and marches off to outwit the dragon and rescue Ronald. This is another of A’s favorite princess books. She loves that Elizabeth is smart enough to trick the dragon and save the day!

4. The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton

Books about Strong Princesses

Kate Beaton created an adorable, independent princess, Princess Pinecone. Pinecone is a warrior princess who wants a warrior horse for her birthday. But when the day arrives, the warrior horse is a small, round pony. Pinecone’s not deterred though and she and the pony end up proving that appearances aren’t everything. This is a laugh out loud book with beautiful illustrations. A loves that the pony has a flatulence problem and, given the chance, makes the sound effects to punctuate the story!

5. Princess in Training by Tanni Sauer

8 books about strong princesses

Little A originally chose this book because there is a princess on the cover wearing a pink dress and riding a skateboard. That’s our kind of princess so we were intrigued! Princess Violet isn’t your typical princess. She loves riding her skateboard and karate chopping villains. Her parents despair of her learning proper princess behavior but when a dragon attacks the castle, Violet’s skills come in handy as she saves the day.  The story is cute and funny and the illustrations are bright and colorful. All in all, we really enjoy this story!

6. The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale

8 books about strong princesses

The Princess in Black is a beginner chapter book about Princess Magnolia, the frilly and proper princess who, as her alter-ego Princess in Black, saves the country from monsters! This book is a fun, action-packed, female superhero story.  It’s the first in a series of books. We are definitely going to read the rest of them because Princess in Black is a lot of fun!

7. Princess Truly in I Am Truly (Princess Truly) by Kelly Greenawalt

Books about strong princesses

This is a wonderful book that teaches kids they can be anything they want. Princess Truly is brave, strong, and smart. She knows she can be anything she wants and she’ll inspire your child to reach their dreams. I love the message in this book and A loves the story and illustrations.

8. Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood

8 Books for Strong Princesses

Interstellar Cinderella is a retelling of the original Cinderella story. In this story, Cinderella is an independent, intelligent princess who lives in space. When the Prince’s spaceship has mechanical trouble, Cinderella swoops in and saves the day! We loved the illustrations and this story about a strong princess who saves the prince!

More Children’s Books about Princesses

Because Little A loves all things shiny, sparkly, and princessy, I’ve made it my mission to find anything I can about independent girls and princesses. However, I’m not opposed to her loving the traditional Disney Princess. Heck, I still love them! So even though this fall we are focusing on books about strong princesses, we also love these children’s books about princesses that don’t necessarily have a strong message of independence but are still adorable and thoughtful stories.

1.Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird

children's books about princesses

Angelina isn’t an actual princess, but she’s an adorable mouse who loves to dance and wears enough sparkles that my daughter categorizes her with other princesses. We love all the Angelina books!

2. Today I’ll Be a Princess by Heather Brown

children's books about princesses

The small heroine imagines all the ways she can be a princess but decides that playing outside and getting muddy is better. This is a short, colorful book that’s great for young girls. Little A liked the story but ultimately decided that for her, wearing the tiara beat playing in the mud!

3. Disney Princess Beginnings: Belle’s Discovery by RH Disney

children's books about princesses

Before Belle met the Beast, she was a young girl with no friends. One day she finds a dilpidated bookstaore and meets its disallusioned owner.  Belle is determined to help the owner and share the joy of reading with her classmates by restoring the bookstore to its former glory. This is a part of a new series of young reader chapter books. They are fully illustrated and are a great introduction to chapter books for kids. A likes that the story is about her favorite Disney princess and I like that Belle is passionate about reading.

Those are our favorite books about strong princesses! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below and remember to sign up to receive free printables and updates!

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  1. Karin

    Thank you! These are wonderful, and I have only heard of a few of them! I am a longtime fan of the Paper Bag Princess which I bought for my niece when I was in college. I also bought Princess Black for a friend’s daughter a few years ago. We (my 5-yr old son and I) also love Dara’s Clever Trap, about a Cambodian princess who saves the day with her engineering skills!

    • Alana

      Thank you Karin! I am so glad you enjoy this list. I haven’t read Dara’s Clever Trap but it sounds great. I’ll check it out!

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